Friday, July 26, 2013

The Cameo

Quite some time ago Vicki and I bought a silhouette Cameo each from Studio Calico. In fact it was way back in October 2012,  $350NZ including postage, and it came with a bundle which included a spare mat, blade, dust cover and download card.. An awesome deal when you see how much they are now and without the free bits..This was to be my Christmas present and was duly wrapped and put away, for said day..
                     The package was opened and said Cameo was put upon a desk in my scrap room...

Was I scared of it Im not actually sure but it seemed to be one of those things That I just didn't get roun tuit.. Meanwhile Vicki had hers up an running pretty much as soon as she got it, an was soon showing off LO's with what she had cut..
Quite a few months later I made up my mind to stop looking at it and start using it.. What more can I say except YEAP its a great wee machine so much easier to use than the old silhouette that I bought back in 2008 was it Esther?
 I have been using the Cameo at least once a week, the other day I created the following LO...

The hearts, the I love Nana speech bubble, photo frame awesome,  heart banner, arrow, feathers and tiny tag bottom right were all done on the Cameo..
Pretty happy with this!!
Yay I have blogged..


  1. LOL aren't you funny. :) Awesome layout Nana - no stopping you now. :)

  2. Pretty darn awesome work:) I do have a wee fondness for cutting things, so finding the Cameo rather addictive really. Good to hear that yours is getting good use these days;)

  3. Thanks for sharing that Brendy ,your layout is great, love the arrows.

  4. Awesome page. Looks like a fantastic tool that can do almost anything.

  5. Most impressive my friend - particularly as you have always been so anti-feathers, lol xoxo