Sunday, August 10, 2014

Its all about my Nana..

A wee while ago, well actually 2 years ago to be honest, i bought a Tim Holtz configuration box.. I have finally gotten to it and created my masterpiece. I was lucky to be given my nana's hat with 2 beautiful pins many years ago..  The hat was destroyed by rain when i foolishly leant it to someone, and i have always hated that the hat pins were tucked away in a small box i bought specially for them..So with out further ado, here are some photo's, starting with Nana and the hat..

ok so the lady with the hat goes last, its been so long since i blogged i cant work out how to put things in order oh well  not to worry im sure you can see how this all works.
All the bits and pieces i have collected here and there remind me of my nana. I especially like the bike in the bottom right corner, Nana had a bike very similar to this one except hers had a basket on the front..
The clock key is exactly like my grandfathers clock key.. 
Im pretty happy with the way this turned out, was definitely worth the time and effort put into it.
Nana's hat pins now stand in glory in our lounge how cool is that...



  1. An amazing work of art Brenda, love it xx

  2. Good things take time. It looks amazing, love the photo showing her with the hat pins in her hat, im thinking she would be pretty dam proud .. love it to pieces

  3. So perfect Brenda! I saw this when you were sort of, almost done and I love the completed project! You have every right to be super satisfied. xx (ps - I still haven't found my configuration boxes, darn it)

  4. its fantastic Brenda, and what a fabulous piece of history to hand down the generations. Love those hat pins, pity we don't really wear hats any more, I always had a thing for hat pins :)

  5. Lovely work Brenda. Precious story.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous, to be treasured, you made a lovely job of this Brendy... Me too thinks your Nana would be (as Carol puts it) "PRETTY DAMN PROUD" xx