Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Scrappin Patch Sketch Challnge

Its been a while since I have scrapped a Layout for a Challenge. Yesterday I  found myself in a "feel like i need something to get me going" mood. As the day wore on it turned out that Vicki was my inspiration.  As I sat and read her blog and saw the sketch I thought yeap im going to give that one a go.  It was 1.30am when I had it finished but then I did start quite late...
                                                                This is the sketch

                                                                 and this is my take on it.

                                 Little Man proud as punch with his Student Of the week Certificate..
I have written a wee note and popped it in the envelope, I try and do this with most of the Boys LO's so in the future they will always know how much they mean to me by what they read..The title isn't quite where its meant to be but hey its all right and its AWESOME!!!



  1. It is AWESOME. LOL. Love the stitching round the edge and the colours are fantastic. Go you :)

  2. Good that you've got your mojo back, but one thirty!! Crikey woman, it's a wonder your head wasn't down on the layout ;-)

  3. The sketch certainly got you going - an 'awesome' take on the sketch and made more special by your proud GS. Love you idea of putting little notes in for the future.

  4. Brenda!!!! Bloody fantastic!!! xoxo

  5. That's AWESOME. Love the chippy and layering and the wee man looks so proud. xo

  6. And your LO looks very cool. Funny thing is im doing the same thing, reading your blog and thinking ...nice sketch, i might do that lol

  7. such wonderful textures on your page !