Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Short and sweet

Gosh the time simply flies by with so many things going on here the past month..
Scrapfest has been and gone, leaving me wondering how did that happen. We all waited so long for it and now its all over.. I had an awesome time, lots of laughter, hugs and tears.. It was so good to see all my beautiful friends here in Nelson, damn shame we all live so far apart really. Still it made this event even more special having you here. I was overwhelmed with a lot of gifts for doing this and that and for that I thank you all.. I am a giver not a taker and find it very hard to receive especially when people create beautiful things, as I know a lot of love and thought has gone into it..
The card below was made by Vicki with a wee note inside from both her and Trace..Two simple words reduced me to tears before I even had the chance to think..  

 Then  there was the canvas. One which I will always treasure made by Vicki especially for me with our favourite saying, when in doubt about something, "Just Do It"..
                                              Cos Im special yeah Awesome!!!


  1. Beautiful:) and very special indeed:) time does have a habit of racing by all too fast!

  2. It must be awesome to meet up with friends. And to feel special when they present you with gifts that come from the heart...these are gorgeous!