Monday, January 31, 2011

A Reel Good Time

We have just returned from a long weekend in Golden Bay with our good friends Elaine and Robbie. The boys were otherwise engaged saturday morning so E and I went for a Tiki Tour. I was born and bred in Collingwood and it is over 30 years since I have been to this particular area. Keen to show E my old school and also to see the Flood damage which occurred on Dec 28th last year. The bridge is one I trudged over for 10 years to attend Primary school, the flood waters came over the top of it. This is the 2nd time that I know of that this has happened, the last was in 1985. The brown areas on the edge of the river show how high the flood waters were. When we arrived at the school it was nowhere to be seen, apparently relocated to the area school now and being used as a classroom. This I found out later. Must return another time and seek it out. Not too far further up the road is the old Kaituna School, and across the road the old bus shelter. So I had to suffice with pics of them, awesome. It is now 10am and we are feeling somewhat peckish so have a lovely brekkie at Collingwood Cafe. Next stop is Tukerua the home of Living Light Candles a couple of small purchases made here, gotta love those candles!!
On the road again, and back to Takaka, Kotinga where we caught ourselves some very nice salmon. We had a "REEL" Awesome Day. Thanks E for being there, it wouldnt have been as much fun without you.. Oh and by the way I am sure those boys of ours are secretly grinning to themselves, and maybe a wee bit proud that we, caught, netted and umm killed our own fish. I know I was impressed with your efforts just like an old pro. Must of been your teacher guide Lol..

Sunday saw us drive to the base of Farewell Spit, a long walk along the beach for the Boys and some serious beachcombing for the girls.. Back to the River Inn which is where we stayed for the weekend. A great place and great hosts "Richard and Paula". A few drinks and a bit of singing and dancing. A bit of a hangover next day for some as well lol.. Yeap I can afford to laugh ...Another awesome weekend. Must off now as I feel some serious scrapping coming on..........
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  1. Looks like a great time had by all!! Hope you were thinking of me while you ate that salmon!! Good for you girls! xoxo

  2. that is so weird Brenda, I grew up in the Bay Collingwood..havent been there for years...sounds like you had a fab trip over the hill. and that Salmon looks going to Kotinga, its the only time I have ever caught a fish lol

  3. Oh we did have a wonderful weekend didn't we aye!!! And yep my awesome friend all credit to you for "making me" take responsibility to catch,land and kill my fish, woo hoo, talk about excited.
    Can't wait til we go again... xx