Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Out and About

Most of you have seen my LO's from Lyns class on Saturday as i posted them on Facebook, but for those who are not here they are again..

I didnt finish them in class I very rarely do, so when i had finished dinner and the dishes, i ended up doing just that. Not satisfied the next night i decided to scrap the photo's I took of Blake on the way to his first school visit, last week.. Using scraps left over from Lyn's Class i carried on in to the wee small hours and created the following pages..

Pretty happy with them all I will say that..


  1. OMG! Gorgeous! Now who's on a roll eh Chickie?

  2. Brenda they're come up so well. You are a real goer!!! I've done LO one so far. Enjoy the rest of the week and of course the big party. xo

  3. These are awesome Brenda - I have only finished the first lo too Sally. It was so nice to meet you on Saturday and I look forward to the next time.

  4. You have every right to be "pretty happy" with them too, WTG, fabulous.

  5. gorgeous Layouts Brenda nice to chat tonight have a great time whitebaiting dont forget to put your brooches up..

  6. Oh My! Your layouts are so fantastic! I can't stop looking at your second layout with all the buttons... it's really stunning!