Monday, January 16, 2012

More pages done.

Love this altered book project, very time consuming tho and not sure it will have as many pages as Effy's but while I can I will ""Carry On". So much for the figures, they are being hand drawn by most but I found these cuties on clip art and they look so much better than my last effort..I have journalling to do but that wont take long.. The other peeps are doing daily, i think I will keep it simple and just write when I have something specific to say or when I have actually achieve/d something, seeing as"'ACHIEVE'' is my word. There is plenty of space to add notes on each page and then there's the secret pockets too...Some interesting stuff in there all ready. My Book is taking up all my"Me Time", I havnt done any scrapping at all this year and that's sad..
See that wee house in the top pic, we are in the process of buying and it became unconditional today.. Possession date 2nd February...Decided to do this as living in the caravan especially in winter is not the best for Charlie. Last year he was hit hard with the flu and it took a while for him to get over it, He deserves something better. I would like to have a real job too, instead of just the aquaculture work that comes my way intermittently..Poss would be able to be at home safe during the day. Leaving her in the caravan when at work was a definite nono..If this goes to plan we will be able to keep our house here for the time being anyway!!!! Lots of positives going on atm so all good..


  1. I just love it. Your plan of when to do it sounds perfect to me - daily sounds like a bit of a chore!! Fingers crossed for your house plans. How old is Charlie? I haven't done any scrapping this year either...I'm sure it will happen one day - for both of us:) a time and place for everything eh?

  2. your art journal is looking fan-tab-u-lous ...

  3. LOVE the look of this art journal. Very creative and fun. Might check the link. :)