Friday, December 3, 2010

NEW Grandie

Here he is our new Grandson..
Born on Wednesday the 1st December at 11.40am weighing 7lb 6ozs, and a few anxious moments with the cord being wrapped so tight around his neck, then when finally delivered he wasnt breathing for a time. Very scarey for his Dad as he was right in there holding the little fellas hand and talking to him, while the nurses worked on him.. Thankfully all is well and Mum Dad and baby were back home at 3pm in time to pick up Little Jack From Preschool.
Deciding on a name for him has become a bit of a problem as his parents only had 1 Boy's name and 2 girls on their list.. Will it be Liam, No!! then it was to be Curtis Charles, that was sent out to all the friends and family but there has been a change of plans on that one so atm he is just our wee grandson..

Isnt he cute...
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  1. I still think Liam is a great name, lol! No matter what name they chose for him - he is absolutely gorgous! What an awesome photo of you and him together!

  2. Whoo hoo - congratulations to you all.

  3. hes a wee darling Brenda, congrads! nothing like a December baby to make Christmas even more special.

  4. Darling wee fella, hope to meet you this week little man!!!
    Three grandsons eh Brendy, and agree lovely photo.

  5. Gorgeous wee man Brenda congtats to all I like Charlie

  6. Ahhhhhh. Cute. Great Photos :O) Congratulations Nana

  7. Congrats - I bet he is getting bigger already! Hope they are closer to sorting out that name! Boys names can be a tough one!

  8. I have a wee something on my blog (Trica beat me to it though, lol)