Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another Adventure

Today is Monday and things have gone kinda flat. I have just spent a fantastic weekend away with Trace, Vicki and Sally.. A plan that has been in the making since January this year..Looking gorgeous in the following pic..
The collages are from the "surprise" afternoon tea for my birthday which is coming up in a few days.

I  was blown away when i walked into the room and saw this, did my usual burst into tears thing.. Thanks so much to you all, and for the fab pressies very spoilt.
So much love and thought from a great bunch of girls. Trace was the steerer lol steer her away out and get the broccoli for dinner which just so happened to be "conveniently" missed from the shopping list in Chch.. Yeah right.
Lots of laughs, shopping, sightseeing, and photo's. Looking at my awesome goodies spread all over the floor right now.. Saturday afternoon there were in house classes, making our own flowers with Sally. Demonstrating with Resin and moulds by me, err do not add Glimmermist to the resin please ladies!! Techniques from Trace using Utee and opals, btw watch that tablecloth when you are using the heat gun rofl..  
Followed by A beautiful Roast chicken Dinner cooked by Trace..Simply Delish.
Sunday morning the traditional Bacon and egg brekkie was served by Mrs Masterchef aka me..
Cos thats what i am famous for rofl among other things of course..
Its all about the good stuff so many things to say but there is also the part wherre it says.
"What goes on Tour Stays On Tour" bahahaha..
Memories are sweet!!
Till our next adventure I will "Keep Calm and Carry on",
 I will try to Remember to "MOVE IT" when im in a rut and love this part especially
"JUst Do IT" because i can..


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I'm sure it was worth the wait. I love the Birthday Surprise! How cool was that? I will vouch for your breakfast making skills! Mrs Masterchef is right! xoxo

  2. No, seriously, I really did forget the broccoli ;-))) Anyway we had to move it, move it....LOL.

  3. We like to move it, move it!!! ROFL. Hey, we nearly "forgot" the milk too. :) It truly was an awesome weekend and so glad you came. :)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend with beautiful friends. The best kind! Treasure them.

  5. Oh wow sounds like a awesome weekend,every week in flat for me,so i dont know any differance. You have wonderfull friends xoxoxox

  6. So pleased everyone had a great weekend, agree, great friends, and what comes/goes with them are a important part of our lives!!! Oh and Brendy, hoping your "Masterchef skills" are kicking in this weekend... lol E xx

  7. Sounds like a fantastic weekend. And Happy Birthday - have another wonderful day when it comes.

  8. Love the photos Brenda knowing your companions how could it have not been the bestest weekend ever .....