Sunday, October 6, 2013

Whhhatt October

All ready.. Crikey it wont be long before the elves start appearing and the xmas decorations are dragged out of  boxes, cupboards and under the beds etc etc..Birthday month has been and gone and once again I was totally spoilt by friends and family..Here are some of the beautiful hand made cards that I received.. I must admit I am loathed to put them away, so they share pride of place on our dining room table.. So very pretty, so very lucky
The last day of school  Blakie was in a school play and I was rung to say, could I go over and watch..Of course I could and so I did.. This was the first time the new school Hall had been open to the public and unfortunately, we weren't able to see much because of the seating set up.... The principal was very apologetic and she was also blown away at the attendance...
Our little fellow shone as he stood among the other kids doing his bit, I couldn't get a pic of that part but the ones I did get look really great, I was so proud of him..
Here is the LO I did with them

Today wee Liam is 6 weeks old, I was over there yesterday and I took this shot of him laying on his tummy sound asleep, so tiny, and so innocent.. Darling wee boy and so contented only waking once during the night now, Mummy and Daddy very pleased to have him on board...

This LO was based from a tutorial on  Flying Unicorn using home made flowers and trim. I didn't have the required canvas product but im happy with how this turned out..

                                                      Well that's me till next time



  1. oh you did get some lovely cards there. You are a very good nana, they are very lucky to have you. I know what you are saying about Christmas, it will be here before you know it and im looking forward to it :)

  2. Good on you making /taking time to post on your blog... I know what you are saying "What October???"

    Lovely l/o of Liam, can imagine he is the "icing on the cake" in the Havelock McKay household...

    Awesome l/o of Blakie as well, he is a clever boy, he is getting so grown up...

    And tell me why you should not be spoilt on your birthday? Very deserved, cannot wait til the time comes around to use your pressie/spend the day on the deep blue Brendy... xx

  3. Yep am making Elf "mischief lists" already and pinning LOL. Good things come to good people and you deserve a special birthday. :)

  4. your layouts are tops Brenda. Happy birthday xx