Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Big Day Out

It started on friday where i spent the night with Elaine having a few drinks over some yummy fish and chips for dinner.. Up early on Saturday, treated to a lovely brekkie of Bacon, eggs and hash browns. Thanks so much E.  Then off to the club to start the day with Trina, Lyn and her Angels. I finally got to meet Sally and we got on well as I knew we would..Lots of peeps squeezed into a small room not what Lyn requested so I hope she does not get charged full price..Not to worry, first up was the Lo class, which I loved.. That Trina girl can do some awesome stuff, cutting out pieces of PP and then putting together like a jig saw puzzle.. I have toned the flowers down a little seeing its a boys page, also wasnt keen on the word on the banner so turned it over and added my own "Thanks Esther"

The Smash class was pretty intense, well for me anyway, thank goodness for Trina's clear and precise photos and instructions. I started making mistakes and was in a bit of a head spin so pulled the pin at 4.30. packed up and headed home. Will finish it while im away hopefully.. Here is the front and inside cover, just cos, but will add some other bits..Not sure that i like the colour i chose, but its ok, Im sure i can live with it..

The sewing machine ran out of cotton on the last run, and there was a bit of a queue.(mummble mumble)  some peeps have no manners or patience. Anyway I ended up putting  the cage at the bottom to cover the missed stitching, and now it looks like the sewing/string is coming from the top of it, cool.. I love the white embossing and the doily stamp..Lots of other stuff going on with the missing pages.. Like the wee peep hole..
And last but not least, some beautiful roses for Mother's day, from my son. Now Im not big on MD at all, especially since my two have grown up, but when Lil Jack arrived with these and said "happy mothers day Nanny these are for you, from my Daddy", it made my heart swell.
Ummm errr Later on tho the truth came out. As they were driving over,he(son) spied the flowers and was about to jump the fence when he saw the owner in the garden and thought he should ask first...Oh god, oh well thats my boy!!! Can see some mischief coming up in the future as everything Daddy does Lil Jack has to do, the mind boggles..


  1. What a fun day out and I love your layout. Look forward to seeing more of your Smash book too. LOL over the flowers - its the thought that counts. :)

  2. Awesome Brenda! And thanks for thinking my title suggestion was a good one - well chuffed, I am. xoxo

  3. sounds like a real fun weekend, super read. love your layout. Have fun with your smash book, I do !! x

  4. Great to have you stay, it was a good day out eh.. Your l/o is perfect for that photo of the boys, and am sure the smash book will come together just as well.
    The story of the roses reminds me about the bikkie tale lol, only difference someone home!!! WTG Shane, I know he loves his Mum dearly. E xx

  5. I had a wee moment reading about the flowers too:) and at least he asked:) That layout is awesome - glad to hear you had such a nice time. Trina is a sweetheart:)