Friday, June 22, 2012

Home Sweet Home.

4 weeks and 3 days away from home,  Looking after this Motel near Tahuna Beach in Nelson..
That stint is now over and i am  back home among my favourite things including  Poss who I missed heaps. Its amazing how you take for granted so much, like having the time to leisurely shower and not have to worry that the doorbell may ring while you are there.  Nice warm home, being able to pick up the phone and ring whoever you want to,  getting in the car and going into town or visit a friend just to mention a few. So little time for scrapping, one LO challenge done for scrapbox which I was rapt to win another $20 Voucher. Always $20 voucher up for grabs for the LO a new challenge posted each month, a $10 voucher for those of you who make the cards. Go on you know you want to..
Blakie playing rugger down at the park with Poss, one of our usual haunts when he comes to stay. I love the action shots. I  Miss Him so much, already planning a pick up very soon..

And this one Washi Tape, stamps, twine and some cardstock make up this LO..Lil Man once again my subject, cracking up when i said oii your britches are falling down!! Washi Tape hmmm may have to be a weeny bit careful here like another addiction it could very easily become..
So another month gone by and here we are just past the shortest day, the weather is still shit, raining and cold again today. 
Before i go I just want Thank all  my awesome friends for your emails, visits,  skype chats and phonecalls, made my time away go so much faster..
Have a great weekend and keep warm


  1. Your time did go fast there. Has Poss left your side yet? LOL. Welcome home. PS There are worse things than washi to be addicted to. LOL

  2. Hey at least washi tape doesn't take up much room lol. Have a wonderful time catching up with your wee man.

  3. Oh LOOOOOOKKKKKK - it let me comment YAHHHOOOOO!

  4. Took me a while to get into the tape but i love it now.Love the beach photo,looks almost like summers back.welcome home xxx

  5. Tape, yes I can see how that could become an addiction. Love how you LOVE your grandies and spending time with them. They (and you) are truely blessed as distance and other issues can be a barrier to some. Great LOs too.