Sunday, August 28, 2011

Toodles For Now

This is my entry for Scrapbook Dreams August sketch challenge. Blakie at just over 2 years old helping himself to the butter. Good thing about this lil fella he does the naughty stuff right in front of you, most of the time LOL.
Must say I couldnt stop laughing when I saw what he had done, his Mummy wasnt too impressed tho.
I have just seen Hubby off this morning, loaded to the hilt, for the trip to South Westland and the whitebait season. I am heading off on wednesday, so there will be no posts here till I get back. Eek... no computer for 2 weeks. May get to check my emails once a week at the pub, if I am lucky, depends on internet access.. Last year they had none for days, but no one seemed to be worried, they sure were not in a hurry to fix it LOL. I have 3 books stashed in my bag, so they better be good..Memories of last season's weather, when we had rain, hail, snow and sunshine all in one day for a lot of days. Not forgetting the september earthquake, when i thought our hut was going to roll in to the river. Didnt realise how lucky we were until we got to hear of the damage in Chch later that day. I am sure we are better equipped from the elements this time, with warmer clothing and we have these little shelters that Charlie has built for us. They even had to be painted, real flash, cant wait to get some pics of them set up on the river bank. Oh that reminds me I need to find a kiddies picnic chair so Poss can sit in there too. It looks like it is to rain for the trip down so will have to make sure I have her new coat out handy and ready to wear.
I am spoilt by having a nice warm and comfortable home. So I know I am really, really, going to appreciate it a whole lot more when I get back after roughing it for 2 weeks..
Take care everyone

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  1. Hope the next couple of weeks go well and you survive the 'technology free' time! Like you say - you will appreciate home a lot when you get back! See you on the flip side:)

  2. Love your layout Brenda :O) Good luck for the next 2 weeks!!!!! Will Miss U

  3. Sounds like you are better prepared for it all this time round. Hope the weather plays nice and will catch up with you in a couple of weeks.

  4. hope those bait are running where you are ... doesn't sound like there have been many 'hauls' down here so far. Scarce as hens teeth.

    Safe travels.