Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rachel Tucker's Class

I Was going to put my mini album up next but dont have enough product to finish it so until i do. Here is the LO I did in Rachel's class "Pretty As A Picture", I just needed to add a title when I got home and I quite like the one I have chosen..Cant wait to show Asha and Shane.. Missing my boys as they are still up North on Holiday due back tomorrow, but it will be another few days till I see them.. Having some awful weather here atm really cold, with thunder and lightning and this afternoon and tonight we have had several hail showers. I expect to see some snow on the hill behind us in the morning..Hope everyone is having a good week.
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  1. Simply gorgeous Brenda! Love the colours and you chose the perfect title! xoxo

  2. Love it Brenda. Having trouble leaving comments on your blog again so hope this goes through.

  3. Beautiful layout, reckon Ash and Shane will most certainly love it too. xx

  4. That's so pretty Brenda! Is there snow on the ground yet?? Weird how the winter storm seem to miss out ChCh every year - still, mother nature makes up for it in other ways...Keep warm:)