Monday, January 17, 2011

Hokitika Wedding

Here are a couple of pics taken in my new outfit..
The Wedding reception was held at Stations Inn just above Hoki overlooking the ocean. Lovely spot.
We had a fabulous weekend, the weather was perfect, Great company, awesome friends and lots of laughs....
Not forgetting the screaming Hysteria of the ride home from the venue at the end of the night. Look out for the Mad Woman Taxi Driver who took us home the long way, driving down a dirt track, one minute the headlights were looking up trees, the next we were veering around corners sideways. We eventually emerge from the rally track and she hits the main street, drops down a gear or two then away we go again @$%&@$#%. A car coming towards us turned in front with what seemed like a flash of headlights "just like in the movies", some more gear changing and we are racing And I mean RACING. All I wanted to do was get out. We make it home in one piece and I "THANK GOD" for that cos I sure was not going to thank her..
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  1. Looking good Brenda - love your hair too!

  2. Looking pretty flash there Brenda. LOL over your ride home though - did she take you via the short cut only locals know about??

  3. Hey Gorgeous! I'm glad these were taken before your "hair raising" ride home! Would have nothing for your hair style (or Charlies either for that matter) LOL. Great photos Brenda! xoxo

  4. Hey Brendy, was a awesome weekend eh........
    You did look lovely, and Charlie scrubbed up ok as well!!!
    Yea pity about the finale', talk about a real mad woman eh!!! xx

  5. some things you just don't forget ... but before you do ... scrap that memory!