Sunday, November 28, 2010

Womb With A View

Just completed this L/o Of Asha in her 38th Week. I tried to put the vellum through the printer so the title would be nice and neat but it just wouldnt do it, so had to hand print it. YUK. May change it at a later date. This was for word wednesday challenge at scrappinpatch. The word being was Winter.. For those of you who don't know, Asha was involved in a car accident last friday a campervan turned right across in front of her. Lucky she was in our old landcruiser it being a good sturdy vehicle and also that she was travelling in a 50km zone. The police took her up to the Hospital to have her and Baby checked over and they were all good no probs there. Asha was kinda hoping it would hurry Baby along but that was not to be. (due date is 4th Dec) The campervan was stoved in the front and had to be towed away, ours was able to be driven back home but will be off the road for a while.. The Driver of the Van was French and will get a fine for failing to give way!!!!!
The Police say there is no point in charging them apart from the fine as they leave the country and wont attend court anyway.. So there you have it our last few days of excitement if you can call it that...
Ciao for now
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  1. Oh no! what a worry...shame retrospectively that it didn't hurry baby along though! Wow, you are scrapping current with that layout then - WELL DONE.

  2. Great layout Brenda. What an awesome view over Havelock. Not long to wait for Baby now! xoxo

  3. Great lo. Your printing looks really neat. xx

  4. and everyone could have done without that sort of excitement ...