Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Recent L/o's

I have at last a chance to show a couple of L/o's I have done recently.
The cart is on the side of the road at the entrance to a farm property as part of the landscaping. Elaine and I thought it looked like a good place to stop for a cuppa seeing we had our Flask with us.
It seemed that someone else was keen to join us as well. A shifty looking Rooster appeared and was stalking us so a hasty departure was made soon after as he got closer for a look/attack. We decided it wasnt worth the risk to just sit there and find out his intentions LOL!!!! I deleted the pics of the rooster from my camera as I thought I wouldnt do anything with them but in fact I now wish I had kept them it could of been worth a laugh or two... Two Nana's scared of a bloody Rooster you might think,
Yeah well I had one on the farm down the coast years ago, it was a mongrel of a thing. Every time I went to feed the chooks,I had to go armed with a stick to as it used to attack me. I ended up getting rid of it..
The 2nd L/o pics are taken on the walking track at the Hapuku Estuary near the Turnbull river, the bush is beautiful.
Talk soon
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  1. Sure is a couple of beautiful spots. Maybe you could download an image of a big gnarly rooster and tell the story anyway ROFL

  2. Oh yes that "cocky" rooster!!! Awesome layouts, wonderful time spent with you and Charlie. Thanks Brendy. x

  3. I would pass on that rooster too ... just saying!