Tuesday, September 21, 2010

See This Child..

I know, I am always talking about my grandsons Lol!!
Hard to Believe This Child was shaking and shivering
with a fever at 3am yesterday morning. Thankgoodness
for the support of Healthline. I tell you, he did give me
quite a fright.
Last night In these pics showing off and having fun as normal..
Thank goodness the fever is gone now and all we have is
the snotty nose. That I can Deal with!!
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  1. Blakie, you ratbag, fancy worrying your Nanny like that!!!

    Good to see you happy and well and right back into things again.

    You are so right Brendy, thank goodness for healthline, never had nothing like that when our kids were small eh!!!

  2. Well Done Nanny! He always thrives on your attention anyway, lol. xoxo