Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nana and Modern Technology

I was out with Asha a few weeks ago in Blenheim. One of our stops was the warehouse stationery where they had a bargain table with lots of goodies.. Asha bought some scrapping stuff and I bought this cute wee flash drive!! Today I finally got to take it out of it's packet.."So What" you are thinking?? Well I feel the need to share with you my experience.. See that little thingy on the right. Yes I am talking about the above picture, well it is soft plastic and as I examine it I am thinking I've been "ripped off" this will never go into my hard drive...

Then all of a sudden I looked at the Teddy and Yeah you guessed it I'm now ROFLMAO. I love it when I can laugh at myself and even more so when I can share my OOPSY's with my friends LOL
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  1. ROFL. They sure are cute though and Aaron wants the penguin.

  2. LOL I had the same 'moment' a few weeks ago when I got the little mouse :) They're awesome wee flash drives though!