Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Senz Class With Trina

Finally here are my LO's from Trina's 3n1 class.."Little Dude", journalling reads "So quickly you grow with bounds and leaps, but the sweetest memories are mine for keeps".

"True Beauty" this is so cute, Curtis all wrapped up in his Mummy's dressing gown..

"This is what Handsome looks Like". I Love how these 3 pics went together so well. Would definitely use this Lo again.. Quick and easy!! Last years class with Trina was a nightmare, when asked to rip a hole in the pp I sat there like a stunned mullet..I didnt finish any of the 3 and I know for a fact I was not the only one. They sat around home here for ages before I got to finish them even . This time I was really impressed completed all 3 except for the Titles and a wee piece of journalling. Not only that Trina is extremely generous with product and I have heaps left over. I had a really great time away, lots of excitement,laughter, meeting friends old and new, shopping, learning new stuff I could go on and on... Bummer having to come home I feel quite deflated now, "All Good Things Must Come To an End Tho" And I need to save for my next escapade who knows where or when that will be.....


P.S. Class No.2 will post later in the week!!
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  1. 3 Wonderful Layouts Brenda! I loved Trina's class last year too but was absolutely full on. It sounds like Trina had a ball this year too.

  2. Gorgeous work Brenda! go you getting them all finished too!

  3. Awesome layouts, real life, even more awesome. xx

  4. ooh-la-la ... loving the look of your creativity ... and go you on getting them finished. Wonderful feeling.

  5. Fabulous layouts! I just love that adorable photo in the middle LO!
    I have a package ready to send your way, but cant find the bit of paper I wrote your address on!! Could you email me at
    Sue xx