Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shopping Spree

Happy New Year Everyone!! I hope your year has started happily. I have been into Nelson today to buy an outfit to wear to my best friends daughters wedding on the 15th. Yeap cutting it a bit fine I know, but just havnt had the time to get away (on my own). I love orange so was kind of leaning towards getting something with that in mind, so off I go with my orange sandals and my wee bottle of nail polish. I must admit I did take a peek in the wardrobe at my Black Pickers but thought Nope Orange is the one.. After a busy morning trying to decide and traipsing back and forth between 2 shops I end up with Black and white!! At that stage I was going to abort the last wee treat of the pedicure, but decided to go ahead anyway. Nice One I got the wee bonus of the cute design, so that was well worth it... I am rapt with my purchases, but do hope not to have to go shopping for clothes anytime too soon. And "No" I will not be wearing my orange sandals to the wedding....
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  1. oh love those nails, where did you get them done? cant wait to see your outfit for the wedding.

  2. oooooh, wanna see the wedding outfit! LOVIN those sexy tootsies!

  3. so come on ... show and tell with the outfit ... you've gotta share ... cos for all we know, well it might be orange!

  4. Loving the orange toe nails Brenda :) Very groovy!! And just like everyone else I want to see the outfit too!!!