Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I spent monday night at Pinedale Motorcamp with Shane, Asha, Jack and Curti. It is only an hours drive from here, turn off SH6 up into a lovely peaceful valley.. Shane had rung the night before to ask if i wanted to join them.. Mum what do you think, should we A book a cabin or B take the tent and the kitchen sink?  I know what im like and i also knew I would end up having to take most of the gear. We opted for the cabin as it was too good a price to even consider the latter. I arrived at 1.30pm and no one there to greet me and the cabin was locked. I spied Lil Jacks bike way down the other end of the grounds so set off with my camera and Poss..The track had a fence along the down side as the river which was a fair drop down would be a danger to anyone who should wander or slip. The track became quite steep after a while and when I saw the downhill grade from the top, I decided that was enough i would head back. I wasnt too keen on being up there on my own anyway.. I found out when I got back to camp that the track is actually a loop and goes through an old gold tailrace tunnel.. I would never of gone through that, and the loop is why I didnt come across the kids, they were back at the cabin when I eventually turned up.

A few years ago I bought 2 water guns from a friend for $1 each, I decided to take them with me as Jack and I had lots of fun last time he was here, and he doesnt care if he gets wet. You can see in the following pic, the fun that evolved. 

Straight after the water fight was a walk down to the river, for a swim and a paddle in the Kanoe.
Spelt with a K, it is an inflatable and one of 4 Shane uses in his guided trips down the Wakamarina and Pelorus Rivers. The sandflies were thick and furious, despite using repellent, I am covered in bites..

We cooked our sausages on the camp BBQ and had salads for Dinner.  Afterwards Shane and the boys collected wood for the campfire while Asha and i tidied up and washed the dishes. Lil Jack soon learnt how to toast the marshamallows, give em a twirl and blow the flames out.. Quite an expert by the time he had finished lol.

Looking at the photo's I cant believe how much we packed in to just a few hours. "Live for the moment" will be keen on doing it again one day but without the sandflies iykwim..


  1. So pleased you had such a great time with the fam. Bugger bout the sandflies but reckon your good time you had/enjoyed, "outweighed them all" eh!!! Great times for the Grandies to remember Brendy... x

  2. Oh fun Brendy! Love the naked photos, cos that's such a kiwi way of life when your a kid! Love the new template!

  3. Wow you did pack a lot in. Looks like awesome fun, especially the water fight. Bummer about the bugs.