Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Its all over

Cant believe christmas has been and gone and today is the 2nd of January all ready.. So much has been going on and im actually feeling quite tired. No wonder really, we have had Shane, Asha, and the boys here for 4 nights which is pretty cool, as we dont get that much time together..Lisa, Blair Sarah, Caitlin and James all the way from Amberley and Rolleston, have been camping at the holiday park since friday. They have been here most nights for Beers and dinners of BBq's and salads easy enough to prepare for the crew of 11. Was great having them all here and good to catch up.. As I sit here reflecting over the past few days, it feels almost like a tornado had ripped through the place then all of a sudden deathly quiet.. The weather is crap has been blowing northeast for 2 days and threatening rain..I have managed to get all the beds changed and washing dry so happy about that.
My last post was about Chloe my elf in amongst Prima products, I am happy to say I won a spot with that photo, and have Prima goodies coming my way, that will be exciting. December was pretty much no go with scrapping,  I did manage to scrape together a LO for a challenge over at NZ Paper Chase. My one and only for the month. Make your own embellishments and doodle somewhere on the page were the requirements.. The challenge was carried over from November as Im guessing there were not a lot of entries. A few of the ladies managed to put up some pretty cool LO's in the end tho.
Today I got an email notification " congratulations our winner this month Brenda McKay".. Im happy with that Thankyou very much. Here is the Winning LO...

New Years Eve was spent here at home with the crew still happy to hang out with us. I found some sparklers that had been up in the cupboard for a few years so the kids had fun with them. Then at 10pm the local fireworks display lit up from the barge out on the water. Living up the hill we were all able to get a good view of it from our deck, so some photos here, the actual display I videoed...

                                            Today is lil Jacks birthday he is 4 years old.

I remember the day he was born and the excitement he caused, it just doesnt seem like 4 years ago that he arrived on our doorstep. Here is a  LO of him asleep in our bed at just 6 hours old.. Asha and Shane drove from here to Wairau Hospital delivered the lil fella and came back home with their wee bundle, ( no phoning from the hospital) "lets just surprise Mum and Dad"they said .. And wow surprise us they did, arrived back at 8.30am just in time for breakfast then said " Mum can  you can look after him we need some sleep".  Their work was done and all in a few short hours...ROFL..


                                       Well thats all from me for now Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!


  1. Busy busy busy - hope you get a few minutes to yourself sometime soon. LOL over the story of Jacks arrival - thats one way to announce it. :)

  2. youv been a busy girl and congrats on your winnings ree scrappy goods xxx

  3. Congratulations on your wonderful winning layout. It is great having people around but now hope you get some R & R for yourself.

  4. But Brendy you had us all worried that it was a real tornado LOL. Happy New Year my friend.

  5. Wow sounds like fun. Love Jack's baby story and congrats on your wins. Happy New Year. xo