Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Days

Come and  go so quickly I have no idea where. My xmas countdown clock says its 47days 10hours 45mins 20secs till the big Day, will be less by the time you read this of course Rofl.. Eek I am so not ready for xmas. Not a lot of scrapping going on here atm more fluffing than achieving anything important. Its been a long 3 months with Charlie being away down Haast. He is due home next week so things will have to change somewhat. With just me and Poss at home and no one else to worry about or even consider its going to be a bit of a serious change around for me. Last month Lisa brought me a mag back from Aussie along with a business card from her local scrap store. I thought that was lovely of her but have no intention of buying anything Yeah Right!! Anyway was looking through the site and seen this challenge up "Create a layout about a Favourite Toy", so I thought i would submit to it just for a change as I havnt done any challenges for a while.
 The page was created using papers from one of my Crazy Monday Kits...Too cute dont you think?
On a different note, town (Nelson)for me tomorrow.  I cant wait to get to the Post Office, cos i know  there is Happy Mail waiting there for me...  Apart from the usual ho hum of important things to do, A visit to Eyebright out in Richmond  http://www.eyebright.co.nz/About+Eyebright/Christmas+at+Eyebright.html is on my list, they always have a beautiful xmas display so at the end of the day I will know.....
                          "Its beginning to Look a lot like Christmas" la la la lala


  1. Yes, definitely cute. :) It will be like Christmas when you finally get to the Post Office to collect all your parcels. Exciting times. :)

  2. Such a cute layout Brenda. Roll on Christmas aye (not), lol. xoxo

  3. Very cute layout. Nothing wrong with shopping lol.

  4. Yah for happy mail!! Love the banner and the balloons. xo

  5. Cute... Eyebright is just gorgeous aye... Hope you had a wonderful visit there Brendy. xx

  6. Eeeek! you are scaring me with all that Xmas talk!lol