Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A New Challenge

Today I received Scrappin Patch's newsletter, and as i read through i clicked on the link that took me to their blog and a  sketch by Trina McClune. Trina is one of my most favourite people and I hadnt done a challenge in a while, so I thought this would get me up an running so to speak..
                                                             Here is the sketch:


                                                          And here is my Take on it:

 Wahoo I have done 3 LO's for the month, crikey thats bad for me! I know December is going to be a whole different story tho, so probably a good thing Mojo is bit slack atm. ...Tomorrow My little man is coming to stay for 3 sleeps so I am super excited. I havent seen him for 6 weeks, thats far too long... In saying that he hasnt seen his Pop for 3 months, due to him being away down south doing the whitebait thing. Charlie has friday off so we can all hang out together. I hate it now he is at school, cos I cant have him whenever I want anymore..Makes me sad that he is growing up so quickly so I try to make the most of the time we do get together. Anyway his bed is made the toys are ready, and the treats are in Pops tin YAY...Lots of cuddles, fun and photo's coming up..Cant wait...



  1. Well done you - when the inspiration hits you just have to go with it. LOL. Am sure the young fella has missed you both too and you will all have a great time. Better make some more cookies. LOL

  2. Phew...most important that the treat tin is full ;-) I know you'll have a wonderful time together. Great layout Brendy.

  3. great take on the sketch, love the hearts and flowers. have fun with your grandson xx

  4. Super layout and take on Trina's sketch. Enjoy your little man. My little man and his mom have made an extra visit to stay today - shame I have to go to work tomorrow.. These treasured times are precious. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Love how you love your wee man so much. My mum has a special cookie jar for the boys too! LO is awesome- LOVE. xoxoxoxoxoxo