Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sooo Lucky

To have these little fellows in my life.  Curtis aka CC or Turtle (above) and his big brother Jack (below) had an overnight stay with me on friday..I now know why only one of them was offered to come stay, they are so full on.
Jack is looking very serious and that is cos he is watching the Dvd Space chimps, after a bit of a dilemna. with which i had issues in getting the player to work.. finally when said machine decided to participate his lordship came up to me and gave a high 5  and  told me I was the "Man"...oh yeah i have to say i was impressed lol.
Another cute pic of CC in the bath ohhh he is so gorgeous...
Nek minute they are gone and i have lil Man here for a few days wahoo, here are his bed time buddies all set up, ready for zzzzzzz's.
Bath time and...
Last but not least more pressies from lil man!! Little hand prints to look at and treasure forever,  and the pukeko is perfect as we have lots of them locally.  Talk about spoilt, crikey sooo Lucky.....
If I had known grandchildren were so much fun I would of had them first ...
Author unknown...
Love it..


  1. What a busy week Brenda! You will have to go to work for a rest, lol.
    Really love your photos! You may have missed your calling there, me dear! xoxo

  2. Lovely pics. Yes 2 little boys are full on- I know!! Great you can have them though.

  3. Beautiful grandchildren, they are sooo lucky to have a Nanny like you too! E xx