Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Night Fun

Last Night we had some online Fun at Scrapbook Dreams, courtesy of Rangi aka PukekoCrazy. We had to find a UFO, photograph it, then load to the gallery. I have had this one laying around for a while now so was just the thing..


While we were working on this project, Rangi came up with a "twist" as she called it. We were given a list of Themes to choose from and had to make a card with scraps leftover from the L/o. I didnt have any scraps left but still wanted to participate so I chose the theme,

"I Love you" and this is what I came up with.. Plain but very cool I thought.
I crawled in to bed about 1 a.m. Great Night pleased to be able to complete the tasks set as well as have a few laughs on the forum.
Thanks Rangi and Shell too.
Next on-line Fun Night is 5th November @ 8pm. at Come along and join in the Fun..

P.S. I always thought UFO meant Unfinished L/o in the scrapping world, but get this one "Unidentified Funny Occasion" Could be a Great Title I think...LOL.... LOL......
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  1. I was fun, eh? Looking forward to us all getting together in a fornight's time! Love both your layout and your card hun! Well done you!
    PS: Congrats on the new job - oops - hope it wasn't a secret, lol. xoxo

  2. Agree, was great fun, got a few of us motivated eh!!!
    And yes Brendy, congrats on job, you will be able to "up" that scrappin stash eh???
    Enjoy your trip to Hanmer this week, am sure Poss will take good care of her guests!!! LOL

  3. Your layout and card look great Brenda! Friday night was lots of fun :) Congrats on the job!!!

  4. Sounds like you had a fab time - loving that card!well done!

  5. ROFL - the word verification for my last comment was PEEING!!!