Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Book of Days

Here I am with Stage 2 & 3 of my book. Pictures are in the wrong order but that doesnt matter. The green one is stage 2 and has an expanding pocket on the left and a secret pocket on the right.. I intend to write a letter about things that happened last year, how they affected me and how I dealt with them, that will go in the expanding one along with any relative momentoes or special photo's... The secret pocket will house My wishes and My hopes for 2012 and any other bits i find along the way.. I am loving playing with paints, inks, stamps and this matte medium, so much better than Modge podge as it dries quicker. Oh and Using up stuff I have had stashed for so long waiting for just that right project. Stage 3 ohhh what a mess I'm not liking that figure thingy it looks sooo Doh but its part of this so I will just get over it for now. The paint squares were made by using a stencil and it sure is not anything like the stencil lol. Oh well Bugger, It goes nice with the pink tho..I kept the cotton from the handsewn pocket rather than snipping it off, makes it look better i feel.
Right Im off, better get the Gst done or I will be in trouble.
Hope you are all having a good day


  1. looking really great. love your "figure thingy" xx

  2. Wowza Brenda! Looking great! I have now started following the BOD but am not actually doing it. I am enjoying watching your book progress far too much! xoxo

  3. Ok so explain to me what Book of Days is all about?? It looks great though and something very different.

  4. Your BOD is looking absolutely wonderful Brenda... really, really creative!