Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spoilt Rotten

My Beautiful Cards from Tricia, Carol, E and Esther..

I am so spoilt, look at these lovely goodies, a Spotlight voucher as well but spent all ready. All from My Gorgeous friends for my Birthday!!! This has been the best Birthday ever, I cant stop looking at it all. Carols mystery parcel was so beautifully wrapped it took a while for me to bring myself to break the bow on the box..Inside was 7 days worth of Roses choccies, a beautiful doily and a wee packet full to the max with the most awesome charms and trinkets. The other parcel and big surprise came from Shell and Esther, Ohhh, its just perfect, the wee hottie is really really darn cute! Cant help wondering if you are quietly pyl at me taking Walter to Rotorua? (Walter Hottle Bottle, nicknamed that when my kids were little)
It has been a mixed month for me with Bad shit happening, but the Good Shit has outweighed it, I am Grateful for having such Awesome Buddies. I love you all to bits..Thankyou mwah...
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  1. ooooh you is a lucky girl! What a lovely lot of cards and pressies!

  2. You are so welcome :O) A gorgeous lady deserves great friends!!

  3. Brendy you are that "rare" person - ... A very special friend to me...
    So pleased the bad has been outweighed by the good SHIT, doesn't pay to sweat the small stuff aye.. Hope the voucher was spent on you!!!
    Love E xx

  4. How absolutely fabulous - always nice to be spoilt rotten every now and then:)