Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh What A Day

Before and after photo's of our little Girl "Possum". She gets the odd trim up, but lately has been scratching herself so much, leaving hairs all over the place its been driving me nuts. Thinking it must be the heat, I decided she needed a real good tidy up. I had been contemplating taking her to get done professionally, but after seeing a couple of dogs in Blenheim at the weekend I decided I just couldnt do it.
This photo isnt that good but she sure looks a heck of a lot better, cant help wondering what Charlie will say when he gets home tho. lol Oh well not to worry. This job took me ages and well into the morning, after which I then decided I should shampoo the carpet, as that was also on my list of things to do. Something else I had been putting off. I loaned my Kirby a wee while ago and today was the first time I had gotten it out since it had been returned. Bloody hell what should have been a 1 hour job took me over two cos they had bits on backwards how the hell they got it to work beats me, I had to get the instruction book out to work out what the problem was. That reminds me I loaned our buggy and high chair for 2 weeks over xmas, would of thought a wee something would of been nice in appreciation. I have just only received a thankyou for that last week. I need to remind myself not to loan things from this day forth, cos after all if they had had to hire them it would of cost a pretty penny. Especially living where we do. Oh well you live and you learn so they say, another lesson learnt for me..
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  1. You made a great job of trimming Possum! She will feel much better too, I'm sure!
    I hear what your saying as far as lending things to people! I am forever saying to myself that I won't lend to certain people as the items never come back - I still do it though! What's with that? LOL

  2. I bet Possum feels a lot better too especially with the temps we have been having. She's very cute and reminds me of one of our first Chihuahuas with her colouring.

  3. Oh shes pretty darn gorgeous!:)