Thursday, February 10, 2011


To my trusty old Caldina and....................say hello to
Mrs Carolla...
Have been thinking of getting another car for a while now. To get anywhere near a town it is a good hour and more drive from here. I have had the The Caldina for 10 years it was a 1993 model and only done 150000kms, is still in very good condition and I was sad to see it go..The fact that it was 4wd and 2000cc, along with todays fuel price, it made sense to change. In my search I had some pretty important factors to look out for, a decent size boot, room for my 3 grandsons, economical to run (the highest on the list), and a decent Stereo. As I had a fairly good idea of what I wanted it didnt take me long. I was really happy to find this nice wee 2007 Toyota Carolla station wagon. 1500cc, and only 52000kms.. Very very similar to the Caldina, but will be far far more economical..To be honest I sure wasnt even thinking of getting something this new, so I am really.. really.. excited. It has all the ticks so lets hope I get another 10 years at least out of this one..Btw the stereo is a Ripper!!!!!!!!!!!
Sharing with you what little Jack said after he seen the pic I emailed to them..
"Hop in Nanny's new car now??"
Aww... so cute unfortunately you will have to wait a few day's my little man, then I will take you for a ride........
Have a great weekend everybody, Elaine and Robbie are coming to stay with us. This is the last weekend for scallops so hope it is a nice day tomorrow so we can get out and get a few.
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  1. Yahhhh YOU!! Funny, I'm selling my Falcon and also looking at a 2007 Toyota Carolla station wagon !!!!!! Good prices and Good Km's :O)

  2. Good for you. Already thinking about my next one too but not in any hurry - would love to go sporty but am afraid practicality will win out. LOL

  3. Wahoo! gotta love a new set of wheels! very nice indeed!

  4. Cool car Brenda I have a red corolla hatch back great car love yours...