Thursday, September 16, 2010

Whitebaiting Trip

The Stand

Well as you can see I am back home after 2 weeks away in South Westland.
here are some pics for you. I left mapua at 6am and arrived at the camp at 5pm. Had a few stops tho.
The weather wasnt much cop but we did manage to catch a few wee fish so were happy with that.
The Camp.
The other net that we inherited and which we have now called the "hell Net" cos it catches the most whitebait. And.....................caused a bit of entertainment on the riverbank!!
Oops!! Whitebaiting The South Westland way!!
It was very cold down there weather was allsorts with rain, snow, Hail, Thunder and lightning storms and the Earthquake. Now that was scary made the old hut rock on it's piles and it went on for what seemed like ages. It is good to be back home makes you appreciate the home comforts that is for sure. Altho we are battening down here atm in the wake of the storm that is about to hit..I am going back down again next month with my bestie so hope it will be warmer..And lotsa whitebait!!
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  1. Sounds like you had some fun - and it can't have been all bad if you're planning to go back! Hope this weekends storm doesn't batter you around too much!

  2. Good to see your home safe and sound, Good too have you back too!!!

  3. so ... was it worth you while ... did you catch enough ... whitebait omelettes --- ooh-la-la - tastebuds are fair drooling ...

  4. it is well worth the long trip though isnt it Brenda, so beautiful and peaceful, but slightly uummm rustic lol...and just a tad on the cold side.