Friday, August 27, 2010

Just letting you all know I am going to be away for a while. Heading for South Westland to
"The Hut" and some relaxing time catching some whitebait. Thinking positive about the Latter
of course.
Charlie left on tuesday to get a head start on some repair work etc. Oh and to clean the Toilet, he said before the women get here. Hell it must be in a state for him to say that!! I have packed some old rags and some disinfectant just in case. Ohh the "Long Drop" doesnt impress me much, but then when ya gotta go ya gotta go.
It is 9 and a half hours drive from here that means 10 and a half prob for me as i am towing a small trailer as well. Going to stay tomorrow night with Elaine and Robbie then I can get a reasonably early start and knock an hour and a bit off the trip.
No power, no phone and no internet down there so to keep myself occupied, a few books, Mp3 player charged and ready to go, (just in case I wanna boogie on down in the middle of the farmers paddock Lol) some knitting just in case. Essentials camera, Hottie, insect repellent.. Ohhh I feel withdrawals coming on already.
Had to give myself a fringe cut this morning have been to sick to get that done professionally and didnt want to go down looking like a hairy goat. Must admit tho I prob would fit in just like that down there. Anyway I reckon I made a real good job and it didnt cost me a cent.
Looking forward to sharing this adventure with you all when I get back. Look after things for me won't ya....


  1. Have fun Brenda and hope you get some of the wee beasties. Talk to you when you get back and safe travels.

  2. Hi Brenda,oh that sounds like a great place,and whitebait mmmmmmMMMMMMmmmmmm lol Hope you have a nice relax

  3. Have a relaxing time Brenda, Hope you are feeling better. Stay warm and enjoy. catchup soon xxx

  4. Hope you have a good time. The relaxing bit sounds great! the 'no power, long-drop toilet' thing sounds - well, scary! I am such a city-girl wuss! I'm trying to psyche myself up for our planned trip next month in a luxury self-contained motor-home!!!LOL 'See' you on the flip side hon! hope you have a blast - and don't go getting sick again!