Monday, February 27, 2012

Seems like

Its been a busy week but its only Tuesday, and I guess its cause I worked all weekend making these lashings for one of the local Mussell Farms. At 7c plus gst per each im not going to make millions but it fills the gap till I get a real job... Have had 3 interviews in the past 2 weeks but no luck as yet. I need to keep positive on that front as I know it will happen..I have to say I do not like Interviews, any job i have ever had has been through a phone call, saying "I need someone to do this can you"? yeap thats the way its been but time changes so I guess I need to suck it up....
In between all this I found time to bake this yummy cake today, recipe courtesy of the lovely Trina McClune and

And this awesome LO ( well I think its awesome) of our lil Man, its For Paperchase Sketch Challenge closes tomorrow... February has been a loong month it sems like its gone on forever.. Pleased to say tho that I have completed or should I say ACHIEVE/D a lot. 5 LO's for challenges here and there, and 2 more just for me cos I could fit it in. A set of Atc's for scrapbook dreams, Ohhh And a photo swap organised by Carol which is sounding very exciting and will be the subject of my next post.
Off to town tomorrow and there will be Happy Mail I just know it...
Yay YES Its been a good Month...


  1. Something will come along when you least expect it on the job front. Go you on doing all the challenges. It has seemed like a long month.

  2. A long month, but gone too fast. Can't believe we are two months into the year!! Glad it's been a good one for you. Hope the job hunting is successful soon. I admire your down to earth job skills, your work ethic and tenacity. You are truly an inspiration and anyone would be lucky to have you!

    1. And Thanks to you too Heidi..Its nice to know some one believes in me..

  3. Firstly, the banana cake can vouch for personally, was the proud bearer of half of this yum cake when Brendy was over...
    Secondly, layout of Blakie "rockin on" is cool...
    Finally WTG for making the right decision with the kitchen assistant job, hope you remembered to tell them "not worth starting your motor for those $$$'ssss...LOL
    E xx

    1. Thanks for your Support E, it means a lot..And to you too Robbie will take that comment about my motor on board for future reference. LOl