Friday, December 30, 2011

100 Posts

Just Reflecting on my Blog and see I have been blogging since February 2010, thats amazing it doesnt seem that long ago.. And my post yesterday was my 100th wahoo wtg me..A teeny bit sad today tho, as I have just packed away all the chrissy stuff, and now it seems like some part of me is missing. I had so much fun this year as Blakie and lil Jack are that much older.. I added a few friends to our xmas display this year which were a hit with everyone..
Including this one which I think was the best;
The weather is yuk here today again, its cold, raining and gale force winds. Some of the campers found their gear floating, outside their tents this morning. The fireworks display has been cancelled, so guess it will be a boring New Years Eve..I suspect This Nana will be in bed early, as who wants to venture out in the crap weather..NOT ME!!!!


  1. Hey, isn't there a Die Hard movie to keep you awake to see the New Year in?? ROFL. Bugger the rain and what a spoiler for the end of a year. Happy New Year to you in any case and see you soon. Whoop Whoop. LOL

  2. Hi Brenda Hope the 'sad' goes soon, there seems to be a bit of that floating around these days!! Bring on a whole fresh new year I say. Lets hope the wet goes out with 2011. We have had beautiful days here so I cannot really grumble about that!Hubby and I thought we might go for a drink down at our local tonight, usually we just stay home, but time for a change. I guess we will be home by 10 pm though...LOL Happy New Year to you.

  3. Hears to a brighter New Year for all! and congrats on your 100th post!

  4. No early night for you,im going to keep you up till midnight bahahahaha

  5. Happy New Year Brenda :O) Hope to catchup soon xxxx
    Love your Christmas friends, Christmas is so about the little people!!!!
    Only 11 months and 24 sleeps til the next one xxxx

  6. Thanks for staying up to meet 2012 with me xxx

  7. On my 'to do' list this weekend ... I've still got to put mine away ... now that's a chore, packing them all away again for another year.