Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Other Life

Been kinda quiet lately and here is the reason. I just Scored another wee job yeap another one, but this one is much better paid. Office hours 9 till 3 or 4 my call. Now I know its not elegant and I am dressed to Kill "not",ROFLMAO...Well you gotta amuse yourself, That's what I say, especially when you got to go out and work in the freezing cold each morning.. Pacific Oyster farming it is called. The wee oyster spat settles on the scallop shells through human intervention, dont ask me how that actually happens cos Im not that sure on it. They are put in net bags and laid out on racks a few metres from shore. Each day at low tide a certain amount of bags are brought out of the water and we have to thread them on to lengths of wire. One shell, one spacer,one shell, one spacer, till the wire is full, we then twist the end of the wire and attach a tie, thats the blue and black rope on the end of the last photo. The cutters are only for when you make a $#%@ up and this was shortly before I pinched my boob, so not funny, and a rushed spiel of verbal blurb emitted. The wires are racked in to bundles of 10 (last pic)and then put onto a sledge ready to be loaded on to the barge and put out on the farm(ocean) to grow. The blue and black ties are also cut and tied by me, and last weekend I produced over 3000 of them. My Motto: Make Hay While the Sun Shines!! So if you are an oyster lover which 'I AM NOT" think of me when next you devour!! Watch this space as I get more info.. oh and the first pic is half inch ice broken when I drove through a puddle this morning.
Hope you are all keeping warm as Winter really hits us..
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  1. I love the Ninja look Brenda, lol. Good for you Hun, you have always been a keen hard-worker! xoxo

  2. Now, that looks cold!!!!!!!! Dont want the oysters but I'll have the scallops anytime!

  3. Go you! I like the way you just get stuck into the not-so-pretty jobs!

  4. Good on you, not much you won't give a go eh Brendy!!! xx

  5. did you go yee-ouch!!!!! at one with the great outdoors ...

    I don't do slimy oysters either, just quietly - the boys love them - a very expensive treat they are!!!