Sunday, June 19, 2011

My 2 youngest Grandsons

Time out for some fresh air and a wee treat wtg lil Jack!! Goodie goodie gumdrops!!
Curtis Charles our clever wee clogs now sitting up on your own..complete with a dribble..I love this photo a lot..Such a cute wee man..
Its been 2 weeks since I last posted, but it seems like forever. I have been in Havelock looking after my 2 wee grandsons. Unfortunately both of them have been really sick with a tummy bug, and it has not been nice I assure you. I am over being the target of vomit etc etc..The boys are now on the mend and will be away for a wee holiday with Mummy and Daddy next week.
I myself are looking forward to my escapade to Senz!!! Bring it on I say..Hoping you all have a great week



  1. Oh Man! I want ice-cream too now! LOL. Curtis is growing up so fast. Less baby and more boy now, Bless Him. xoxo

  2. Oh little Jack, for sure you don,t look yourself, pleased to hear all "on the mend" now tho'...
    Thank goodness for Nannies aye!!!

  3. Wow no longer a baby alright. Bet you still got a few new photos to scrap even if they were sick. Hope they are well and truly on the mend now.