Wednesday, October 20, 2010

At Last..

I have been back from Haast for nearly a week now but havnt had a chance to update. Elaine and I had a great trip, leisurely on the way down seeing some of the sights and taking some awesome photo's. Fantastic scenery on the West Coast, I Have added just two for now to show you. The first one is of the trees directly across the river from camp, the second is taken from the Turnbull River bridge looking up river towards where our camp is. The reflections in both Photo's I think are amazing.
I have been over to Havelock since for a few days to help Asha with the business and little Jack while Shane went south to have a few day's with his Dad. Came home last night.
Busy today tidying up the section, spraying, mowing our wee piece of lawn and emptying the stormwater sump 2 barrow loads of silt...Amazing how much crap can accumulate in a couple of months.. This is usually Charlie's job but seeing he is not here I be the good little wifey Lol .
Stripping beds, doing the laundry and tidying up downstairs ready for visitors arriving Monday. Tomorrow Gst and finalise things for our ladies Trip, to Hanmer next week. Off to a computer course friday morning and a much needed haircut in the arvo. Back home for the long weekend. Better be some scrapping fitted in there somewhere...
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  1. Glad you survived all the stormy weather over on the coast. Those photos are great! Have a fabulous time away in Hamner - I just love it there!

  2. Wowser Brenda - those photos are stunning.

  3. Those are absolutely fantastic photos Brenda :)